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Updates To Parenting For A Peaceful World

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In order to make ‘Parenting for a Peaceful World’ a continually evolving and dynamic book, I have been regularly adding new research material. This section of the web site is a service for readers to help you stay abreast of new developments - in current affairs, social and international circumstances, or new research findings - related to the topics covered in the book. These updates will make better sense to readers who have read the whole book.

Of course, I cannot claim to cover all of the exciting trends in relevant research – I do not have a team of research assistants at my disposal, I wish I did! - but I do intend to post references I find or those pointed out to me by my friends and colleagues in the child mental health profession and in the publishing industry. I also invite you, the reader, to send me any new references you consider relevant (though of course I cannot guarantee that I will post all references I receive).

I will try to update the addendums to my book regularly, as I come across new relevant research, and I invite readers to visit this section every few months. All new addendums will be dated.

Wishing you all the best
Robin Grille

The updates are contained in two documents. When you take the links to the updates, a new page will open and you will see a table-of-contents from which you can quickly browse through the list of updated material. You can link to any update directly from the table-of-contents. Close the browser window when you are finished and you will return to this page.

The table-of-contents, like the book, is divided into parts, chapters and then sections and sub-sections as listed below.

  • Part I, Chapter 1
  • Part II, Chapters 2 - 9
  • Part III, Chapters 10- 15
  • Part IV, Chapters 16 - 20
  • Part V, Chapters 21 - 23
  • Part VI, Chapters 24 - 29
  • Part VII, Chapters 30 - 31


Updates are displayed in pdf format. Using this format, you can easily view, save or print updates from your computer.

Most computers already have Acrobat Reader installed which is the program for viewing pdf files. The simplest way to find out if you already have the program is to take the link to the update and if you see the document OK, you have the program.

If you take a link and cant view the document, you can download Acrobat Reader here. It is simple and free.


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